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decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)

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Group think occurs when committee or work team members avoid criticizing other members' ideas.
Among his topics are nonlaw- enforcement negotiators, negotiating with normal people, indicators of subject surrender, group think, and phases of a hostage crisis.
One in seven of the 45 to 54 age group think going to clubs keeps them young, while a fifth of 55 to 64-year-olds listen to chart-topping bands like Busted and The Darkness.
The report, by the Oxford Research Group think tank, calls for major changes in foreign policy and warns of the dangers of military action against Iran.
ALTHOUGH I would like to congratulate the environmentalists for their latest brainstorming group think (Hugh Richards, August 2) that ``the advantage of using wind farms is that they automatically compensate for the increase in electrical demand on the national grid that occurs as the force of the wind increases'', I'm afraid, by not doing their homework, they have once again shot themselves in the foot or at least in their sandals.
We did what we thought was funny, and we took as our criterion, did the others in the group think it was funny.
I basically think Rosemary Woodlock and her group think somebody's private property is their open space, and that's not the way it works.
His group thinks that new materials can be created with similar properties that might one day help speed up the wound healing process or prevent bacterial infections on medical devices.
AFP reported the group thinks its rights in a Sunni-dominated country are threatened under President Tayyip Erdogan's rule.
I've often scoffed at old time ways Those quaint styled fashions of bygone days 'Sticky out' frocks and 'handlebar' moustaches Penny-farthing bikes and round the waist sashes I considered my era the very last word And thought those dated times absurd Each age group thinks when their time bears fruit Their fashions are 'cool' and the past's a hoot.
Then, they make decisions which possibly are at odds with the way their group thinks, and they end up isolated and they end up unsuccessful," he adds.
SMALL GROUP THINKS BIG: MD Angela Lockwood praised the plantsaving efforts
The group thinks annual growth will hit 2%next year, down from 2.
An alcohol campaign group thinks drinkers will be too busy scratching their heads to get a round in.
Now some group thinks we should have preschool to kindergarten and that means carpenters have to build another room for preschoolers.