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the branch of psychology that studies persons and their relationships with others and with groups and with society as a whole

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By leveraging both user-submitted content and the group psychology of its users, Natuba allows visitors to see the most interesting and notable photos with ease.
So Finnegan's rather studious approach, drawing on individual and group psychology, holds promise for not only understanding the failures but pointing toward reforms.
She fixes on group psychology, especially fear: how particular fears--of disorderly society, of strangers, of witches, of papists, of bastardy, of foreigners--crystallized the image of the "usual suspects" and conjured in peoples' minds those horrible forms that shook them to the very core.
His vision of group psychology has been described by Volkan (2004: 36) as a maypole: the pole represents the leader, and the members dance around the pole, connected to it by tethers which represent Freud's concept of 'leader--follower interaction'.
It probably has something to do with group psychology.
It's the same group psychology, whether you're a leader getting the best from a group or getting the public to do what you want to do.
In fact, they were limited as an investigative process by the reluctance of shipmates, unless antipathetic to the defendant, to incriminate others and "cannot remember" or "did not see" what happened because of their group psychology.
that each episode of The Simpsons abounds with allusions, and that reality shows enact "elaborately staged group psychology experiments"--all signal the evolution of programming from the linear plots and dull patter of Starsky and Hutch.
There's the group psychology that if one doesn't speak out then the others are reluctant in case they seem foolish, There's the cultural and social conventions of politeness, and the respect for the authority figure.
Freud, Group Psychology and an Analysis of the Ego, trans, and ed.
For example, Freud's objections to the love commandment ("Love your neighbors as yourself") touch on many of the same conflictual issues and uncertainties found in the present pages (see his Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, 1922, and Civilization and Its Discontents, 1930).
Similar to most articles published by the money management community, two sentences in the article, in particular, advocate the need for the average investor to use a professional investment adviser: "Smart investors rely on investment professionals who are highly knowledgeable about behavioral finance--a discipline that carefully analyzes how individual and group psychology influences investor behavior and market trends" and "As many CPAs already know, all it takes is the right adviser--and the right tools.
GROUP psychology sessions for adults are being wound down in Coventry after funds dried up.
Current gay flag-waving shows an addiction to group psychology colluding with internalized homophobia and unfinished family business, and is not in keeping with gay liberation ethics or conducive to gaining freedom from oppression.
Lewis Yablonsky, a sociologist specializing in group psychology at California State University, Northridge, who served in World War II, said the nation has never undergone such emotional stress than after Sept.
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