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insurance that is purchased by a group (such as the employees of a company) usually at a reduced rate to individual members of the group

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The group policies in Likewise Enterprise let system administrators manage the security settings of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop computers and users from a central system.
Part II covers the issues around properly designing the directory infrastructure, including designing the namespace, creating a site topology, designing group policies for locking down client settings, auditing, permissions, backup and recovery, and a look at Mierosoft's future direction with Directory Services.
Unparalleled Active Directory Group Policy Support with more than 500 Group Policies
5, providing expanded group policies and support for more than 100 platforms.
Not only does Centrify lead in the number of platforms we extend Active Directory to, but we also offer the broadest and deepest set of Group Policies for non-Microsoft platforms and applications in the market today.
The Group Policies in Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X provide IT management broad, flexible control over security settings and configuration options that Mac users have habitually managed on their own.
DirectControl's Mac OS X group policies help IT managers increase desktop security by enforcing password locks on screensavers, setting and managing firewall settings, locking down system preferences, controlling energy-saver functions, controlling Internet sharing settings, and providing a range of other management functions.
DirectControl Comprehensively Extends Microsoft Active Directory by Delivering More Platform Support and More Group Policies for UNIX, Linux and Mac Than Any Other Solution; Other Unique Capabilities Include Delegated Administration of Non-Microsoft Systems
For the first time, authorized IT administrators anywhere on the network can define, configure, deploy and manage new group policies, applying them across the board and still accommodating local exceptions without having to write and maintain complex scripts.
For example, the NetAccess gateway applies group policies that will ensure Wi-Fi access to residents while every police car and fire truck in the city -- each of which will be equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop -- will have an always-on connection to a private, secure network.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Insurance Department recently approved workers' compensation group policies for the State Workmen's Insurance Fund (SWIF), the Agricultural Insurance Company and the American International Group, marking the first time that these type of group policies have been available in the Commonwealth.
In today's competitive market, Mercy Health Plans, a regional health plan with 220,000 members in Missouri, Texas and Illinois, needs to be able to quote and issue small group policies more quickly.
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