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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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1 over the southern part of Occidental Mindoro, the southern part of Oriental Mindoro, Romblon, Masbate including Burias and Ticao Islands and the northern part of Palawan including Cuyo and Calamian Group of Islands in Luzon.
The Turtle Group of islands are surrounded by fringing coral reefs and include a high diversity of sponges, 36 per cent of which have not been recorded elsewhere in the Great Barrier Reef.
Off which group of islands was most of a German squadron of warships sunk after a naval battle in 1914?
China and South Vietnam once administered different parts of the Paracels but after a brief conflict in 1974 Beijing took control of the entire group of islands -- although this remains disputed by Hanoi.
Gen Bikram Singh said INS Koswari would serve as a vital link in the protection of the Konkan coast, the strategically located Lakshadweep group of islands and the vast amount of shipping passing through these waters.
ACI's numbers show that February was a great month, however, we have seen this surge all throughout 2011 and we expect it to continue," Daly said, adding that the great group of islands destination should be the most popular destinations for British travelers in 2011.
But when it came to implementing the plan, only one group of islands benefited - the one that voted SNP.
WHILE property markets worldwide could struggle in 2008, the best bet for a boom is probably a little-known group of islands in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa, according to some experts.
Since the liberation of the small group of islands on June 14, 1982, the rugby-mad charity worker, who now lives in Penylan, Cardiff, has returned several times.
Rick Zanussi, building contractor and councillor with the Township of The Archipelago, a group of islands (about 15,000) within the District of Parry Sound, says they have seen an increase in dredging applications as a result of the low water levels.
ANYONE who watched the three-part series which this book accompanies could not fail to have been amazed at the wealth of wildlife on this small group of islands off the coast of Ecuador.
PROPERTY prices in Cape Verde - a group of islands off the west coast of Africa - are set to boom with the launch of direct flights from the UK.
A group of islands about 300 miles west of Senegal, Cape Verde was once part of the Portuguese empire.
Hurricane Ivan struck what group of islands located at 19[degrees]N, 81[degrees]W?
At the time the German sauropod was alive, much of central Europe was a group of islands.
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