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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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I am sure INS Koswari based at Karwar will serve as a vital link in the protection of the Konkan coast, the strategically located Lakshadweep group of islands and the vast amount of shipping passing through these waters.
So fans from the group of islands in the Indian Ocean were celebrating when Liverpool went top of the Premiership as Emile Heskey's goal against Sunderland banked them rupees.
The ministry said the assistance is part of Japan's humanitarian aid for fiscal 1999 to the group of islands held by Russia but claimed by Japan -- Shikotan, Kunashiri, Etorofu and the Habomai group of islets.
SIR - I read with great interest the endless letters moaning that the people who occupy the western area of our tiny little group of islands get far less than those in the northern reaches of our tiny group of islands under the agreement known as the Barnett formula.
Once proper infrastructure is put in place in the Nicobar group of islands, they would also be opened up for popular tourism," the Governor added.
The dispute is over a group of islands off Hokkaido.
To which country does the Azores group of islands belong?
Japan and Russia restored diplomatic ties in 1956 but have yet to conclude a peace treaty because of the decades-old dispute over a group of islands off Hokkaido.
The island is part of a group of islands claimed by Russia and Japan and held by Russia since the close of World War II.
A group of Japanese, including many students, Thursday left Nemuro port in Hokkaido for one of a group of islands held by Russia and claimed by Japan as part of a program of mutual visits by Japanese and Russians to and from the islands, local officials said.
Tenders are invited for Transportation Of Lmv Departmental Vehicles From Port Blair To Southern Group Of Islands
The Chatham Islands a small group of islands about 750 km east of the South Island and home to about 600 people was put under the state of emergency on Monday as emergency services battled a spate of rural fires and the cyclone bore down on the community.
Which group of islands was purchased by the USA from Denmark in 1917?
INDIA has extended a $ 100 million line of credit to Vietnam for purchasing military equipment even as the two countries called for freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, where Hanoi and Beijing are locked in a dispute over a group of islands.
THE Lofoten Islands are a large group of islands located on a rocky peninsular inside the Arctic Circle and is a great location to experience the midnight sun during Norway's summer months.
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