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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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Out-of-the-box Compliance - Robust archiving of your IM and Group Chat conversations
Built using proprietary distributed technology with a network of servers located all around the world, SOMA Messenger's highly encrypted service offers unlimited free, high quality voice calls, HD video calls with no buffering and is the only messaging app to allow group chats of up to 500 people.
Being native, group chat does not hamper your workflow while you are engaged in a group chat with multiple people at once.
IM+ in Blackberry supports Neighbors which allows the user to find friends nearby, media files attachment and sending, group chat, message history, Twitter timeline, and the best integration to Blackberry Push, Blackberry Inbox, and Blackberry Instant Messaging.
When it receives the command in a user's Tweet, all Twitter handles mentioned in the Tweet will receive an @mention with a link to a private group chat on
MindLink Software, developer of secure Enterprise Group Chat compatible with Microsoft Lync & Skype for Business allowing teams to coordinate and exchange information, knowledge, files, links etc.
Saya offers its real-time Street Chat messaging application and has location-based and group chat across multiple phone platforms including J2ME, Android and iOS.
Kobeissi said that one of the reasons for rejection given by Apple strongly implies that any other encrypted group chat app can be rejected.
Together, eZuce openUC and Unite create a social organization for enterprises—one in which users have access to unified presence, buddy lists, chat and group chat, along with document sharing for both real time and offline communications.
It's like a great group chat,'' said Greg Dumas, vice president of sales and marketing for the Sherman Oaks-based Interactive Gallery.
Jack Moffitt is CTO of Collecta, where he leads a team that produces several XMPP-related projects including Strophe (a family of libraries for XMPP communication), Palaver (a group chat server), Punjab (an HTTP to XMPP gateway service), and Speeqe (a simple web-based group chat client).
MindLink ICE Chat Connector complements its already successful Instant Messaging & Group Chat as well as Yammer compliance tools.
The free messaging app allows users to text, group chat and privately share with the people and groups in their life at absolutely no charge.
Mobui Corporation, a mobile application development agency dedicated to mobilizing content companies at the speed of wow[TM], today announced the launch of Mobui Audience Chat, a mobile group chat product that is the first chat application made specifically for television broadcasters and studios.
We have integrated real-time interactive whiteboard, intuitive group chat, tasks and milestones with dependencies plus status reporting using social media tools in an easy to use environment.