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Synonyms for streptococcus

spherical Gram-positive bacteria occurring in pairs or chains

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Virulence factors of the group A streptococci and genes that regulate their expression.
Group A streptococci efficiently invade human respiratory epithelial cells.
Erythromycin-resistant group A streptococci in school children in Pittsburgh.
Decline of erythromycin resistance of Group A streptococci in Japan.
To support the hypothesis that peer feedback and experience gained over time result in improved laboratory practices (as inferred by improved PT results), performance in the differentiation of group C streptococci from group A streptococci should have improved during the 6-year period analyzed.
Performing additional testing adds cost, and since multiple types of [beta]-hemolytic streptococci can cause acute pharyngitis, (3) and treatment, although not necessary to prevent complications, (5) is of symptomatic value, adoption of a pragmatic position that equates [beta]-hemolytic streptococci observed with group A streptococci observed is understandable.
Group G streptococcal M protein exhibits structural features analogous to those of class I M protein of group A streptococci.
Because only a few alternative antimicrobial agents can be used to treat pharyngitis in patients allergic to [Beta]-lactams, adequate interventions include a controlled use of macrolides and surveillance for the susceptibility of group A streptococci.
Comparison of invasive (septicemic) and non invasive strains of group A streptococci isolated during a one-year national survey in France.
Bacterial interference: effects of oral antibiotics on the normal throat flora and its ability to interfere with group A streptococci.
The Lancefield group A streptococci (Streptococcus pyogenes), major causative agents of human disease (1), can produce both mild (e.
This report discusses the following issues related to typing of group A streptococci (GAS): The development and use of the 5' emm variable region sequencing (emm typing) in relation to the existing serologic typing system; the designation of emm types in relation to M types; a system for validation of new emm types; criteria for validation of provisional M types to new M-types; a list of reference type cultures for each of the M-type or emm-type strains of GAS; the results of the first culture exchange program for a quality control testing system among the national and World Health Organization collaborating centers for streptococci; and dissemination of new approaches to typing of GAS to the international streptococcal community.
Throughout Italy, the use of macrolides, particularly the newest ones (azithromycin and clarithromycin), has increased in the treatment of infections caused by Group A streptococci.
In contrast to isolates in the United States, which rarely have new emm sequences, 6 of these 24 Malaysian isolates had new emm gene sequences, which suggests a large reservoir of group A streptococci expressing new M-type specificities in Malaysia.
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