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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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This research is constant on syllogistic comparison between morphological levels of miniature model of groundwater aquifer is accordance with the natural remaking of a groundwater aquifer and comparison it with the seams and gaps in the Yazd field.
Avoid picking sand and gravel in upstream areas and within the range of subsidence due to the negative effect of these harvesting in feeding groundwater aquifer
For the purpose of modeling, a groundwater aquifer may be defined as a region of porous media in which void spaces are totally occupied by water.
Since the land sits atop a huge groundwater aquifer, very strict environmental controls were placed upon it, says city planner Don McConnell, who has viewed Giommi's latest proposal.
But water officials have argued that Robinson was drawing water from the groundwater aquifer Santa Clarita Water uses to supply domestic water to its customers.
The agency is also able to monitor and protect groundwater from pollutants, ensure proper construction and destruction of wells, plan and construct improvements to infrastructure, and sustain the groundwater aquifer.
The Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility (Vander Lans) currently provides 50% of the treated recycled water injected into the Alamitos Barrier to protect the groundwater aquifer against seawater intrusion.
A buffer of material has been left undisturbed above the groundwater aquifer beneath the mine.
The next stop is along the Santa Clara River in Ventura County, where United Water Conservation District diverts water in wet years to recharge the area's groundwater aquifer.
In addition to the effects of population growth, the City does not adequately address the continual over pumping of the groundwater aquifer, which has been ongoing for years with resulting salt water intrusion into the aquifer, nor does it address the impact to homeowners' and farmers' water near the City's boundaries.
42 million to upgrade the Compton Municipal Water Department's pipelines and wells to allow the city to pump a total of 2,289 acre-feet of Metropolitan's imported water in to the local groundwater aquifer.
The scope of services shall include: "mapping of surface irrigation system, groundwater aquifer
This IWCRM contract supports projects that involve water supply, wastewater treatment and sanitation, water and wastewater utility management, irrigation, watershed and river basin management and planning, urban stormwater management, groundwater aquifer management, hydropower, coral reef protection, sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic ecosystem management, meteorology, hydrology, non-point source pollution prevention, water-related infrastructure finance, water quality management and regulation, and industrial pollution prevention and control.
Groundwater beneath Aerojet's southwestern boundary is diverted to the plant, cleansed of perchlorate, and then put back into the groundwater aquifer.