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the crew of technicians and mechanics who service aircraft on the ground

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We finally positioned ourselves and slow l y descended until one of the groundcrew grabbed the MAD bird.
The aircraft that was designed to meet this requirement is externally quite conventional, rather like a small A-7, but with two lateral intakes instead of the single chin inlet of the Vought design, which is more prone to ingesting debris and groundcrew.
Intransa platforms include Intransa's GroundCrew Phone-home Warranty and companion Intransa CoPilot 24-Hour Customer Support, plus optional Intransa Pilot Proactive Monitoring.
Having a prince in the squadron did not make a difference to daily life on Operation Herrick 17, according to the groundcrew engineer.
Chris and his comrades - pilots and groundcrew - have been in Kandahar for just a few weeks, operating their fleet of eight fighterbombers 24 hours a day from one of the world' busiest runways.
As part of his RAF posting, Neil is a member of a specialised groundcrew, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, dedicated to keeping Britain's historical aircraft airworthy.
mil, and read information about Groundcrew Coordination (GCC).
Aircrew and groundcrew became so proficient that 425 scored second in a series of competitions against six top American groups.
All present and past groundcrew, aircrew and MFPU members are invited to attend.
In association with The Groundcrew recording studio, also in Charlotte, Clear Blue offers turnkey radio production.
All Intransa platforms include Intransa GroundCrew Phone-home Warranty, companion Intransa CoPilot 24-Hour Customer Support, plus optional Intransa Pilot Proactive Monitoring.
If you want more information on groundcrew coordination or human factors, visit the web at www.
Over the weekend of September 5 and 6, XI Squadron, Royal Air Force Leeming aircrew and groundcrew who have served with the Squadron throughout its distinguished history, will attend the event.
While all this was going on, members of the groundcrew who looked after an aircraft had to check it thoroughly.
The school will train a range of aircrew and groundcrew in how to operate and maintain the RAF s 22 A400M Atlas aircraft.