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the height of the ground on which something stands


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the floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building

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The poles were tested as simply supported beams with two point loads applied near the assumed ground line.
The simulation showed that one tire was hitting the ground line strut and causing the vehicle to vault.
Because additional ground lines have not been added, inductive coupling in the connector introduces a significant amount of crosstalk during switching.
WASHNINGTON (PAN): In view of the anti-US demonstrations in Pakistan, the Pentagon on Tuesday announced to temporarily halt shipment of its retrograde cargo through ground lines of communication (GLOCS) as a precautionary measure.
It also has a ground line of sight data capability of 64 kilobits, while most current radios are 16 kilobits.
Powered by a 264 horsepower turbocharged electronic fuel-injected Hino engine that is Tier III certified, the SK350LC has an operating weight of 79,600 pounds, digs to 24 feet 10 inches and reaches to 36 feet 3 inches at ground line.
If a high resistance connection is used, there may still be some noise current flow on the bus ground line between nodes, but it is typically on the order of a milliampere of current.
The media reports quoting US State Department stated that Pakistan would not charge transit fees against the Ground Line of Communication (GLOC).
The parametric capability enables designers to study the effect of variations in signal and ground line placement, material characteristics, and source excitations.
Contract Awarded for 180 ground line kilometer of 2D seismic data acquisition at Deomali, Namchik & Jairampur Extension PEL Areas in Arunachal Pradesh
With an operating weight of 153,400 pounds and 425 net horsepower, the CX700 digs to 31 feet 11 inches and reaches to 46 feet 11 inches at ground line.
For a single ended only version, the Positive signal lines become ground returns and the Diff Sense line becomes a ground line.
The hardware provides six channels for analog input, as well as a ground line and an external trigger line that allows the addition of a device to start and stop the recording process.
WASHINGTON -- Following the closure of a crucial ground line of communication by Pakistan in retaliation to the death of its 24 soldiers in a NATO cross border fire, the use of Northern Distribution Network is costing US an additional $38 million per month, a US Senator has said.
Pakistanis have to wake up to the fact that whatever advantages they have as the ground line of communication (GLOCs) provider, that advantage is not going to last forever.