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apparent increase in aerodynamic lift experienced by an aircraft flying close to the ground

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This book examines the ways in which systematic study of earthquake surface faulting, coseismic liquefaction, tsunami deposits, and other primary and secondary ground effects can be integrated with traditional seismological and tectonic information to provide a better understanding of the seismicity level of an area and the associated hazards.
Think of this in terms of what happens in the pits of a NASCAR race when the crew alters the ground effects on a racecar.
Tapped by Rudd to, "Do some aerodynamics in your spare time," Wright--along with Rudd and Lotus founder Colin Chapman--discovered and harnessed the power of ground effects by reshaping the underside of a Formula One car, then was shuffled off to Team Lotus where he developed Chapman's nascent active suspension brainstorm into a race winner.
Visualizations help us better understand the aerodynamics of ground effects on both our production and race vehicles.
V-rated tires, with its wrap-around ground effects flowing smoothly from its rockers up into flared fenders and back down into more ground effects front and rear.
Skateboarders may come to "own the night" -- thanks to the ground effects lighting kits that equip Bell Innovative Products' new line of FU skateboards.
RTP provided the solution with its RTP 100 Series compound, which gives skateboards a built-in ground effects lighting kit.
An accurate circuit model for the capacitor must emulate the adjacent ground effects, and scale appropriately as the substrate parameters (thickness and dielectric constant) vary.
The model features chrome inlets in the bumper, darker headlamps, more aggressive ground effects, and blade-style, five-spoke wheels and red brake callipers
27 June 2012 a[euro]" US Line-X Protective Coatings today said it had taken control of Canadian automotive aftermarket supplier Ground Effects Ltd (GFX) without mentioning the amount it spent on the deal.
There's plenty of power being sent to the 16-inch all-season radials mounted on some very stylish alloy wheels, and the body-colored ground effects not only make the car look sweet, but the front air dam also doubles as a snow plow.
The cars also serve to demonstrate available Chevrolet Accessories including ground effects kits, grille inserts, spoilers, suspension lowering kits, illuminated doorsills and sport pedals, among other gear.
Giving this Versa attitude is an Extreme fascia, ground effects with side air inlets, hood scoop, custom grille, fog lamps and a racy rear wing.