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Synonyms for grappling

the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat

the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down

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This training covers a portion of basic ground grappling.
Once IET Soldiers complete BCT they are familiarized with the combatives program, and are prepared for the natural progression of training, basic ground grappling, advanced ground grappling, takedowns, strikes and kicks, fight strategy, and situational training.
Within the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade, Soldiers continue to go through basic ground grappling training.
This is especially true for the judo ground grappling techniques employing positions of control, strangles and joint locks.
At one point, ex-Chelsea midfielder Morris was said to be standing over Gyimah, who was on the ground grappling with a third member of Ferdinand's group.