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United States comedian

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Groucho Green needs to get his party in order, decide what their positions on important issues are, and stick with them.
Rebecca Wilkinson, of the owl centre, said: "It was a big sacrifice to Groucho.
Funny, he looked fine in pics of him rolling out of the Groucho Club at silly o'clock post Mercurys.
The gang went to dinner at La Bodega Negra in London's Soho, which has an entrance like a sex shop, before heading to the Groucho, Harry's favourite celeb hangout.
TOGETHER: The couple in Range Rover ALL DIRECTIONS: Harry's whirlwind summer of love has included cosy-looking dates with a string of beauties (from left) Cara, Emma, Caggie and Caroline EXCITED: Pixie giggles in the car with Harry LATEST DATE: Harry leaves Groucho Club with Pixie Geldof this week
Groucho has been named the World's Best Singing Parrot by US chat show host Jay Leno and has performed with a symphony orchestra.
Groucho posed two insuperable problems for the "whateverists" of communism.
LONDON: Groucho Marx has always been my favorite Marxist.
Generally considered the gang's finest moment, it's a surreal satire in which Groucho becomes leader of Freedonia and immediately goes to war - after all, he's already paid the deposit on the battlefield.
Addressing the long suffering Margaret Dumont, Groucho says: ``I never forget a face,but in your case I'm willing to make an exception.
If that was not bad enough he once got a friend to get Groucho Marx to inscribe his moniker on a copy of The Groucho Marx Letters.
Phil Hartman's Flat TV features the day in the life of "The Sphincter" family, as well as many of the late comedian's best impersonations, including Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Johnny Carson, John Wayne, Graham Kerr, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Groucho Marx, Peter Lorre, and Howard Cossell.
Lily, 22, started the evening at Shoreditch House, East London, for the launch of Chloe's summer 2008 collection, before hitting the Groucho Club in Soho with her mates.
Gail left the Groucho Club in London's Soho looking as white as a sheet and a bit the worse for wear but she was at least happy enough to grin cheekily and stick her tongue out.
When asked if war could be averted, Groucho as Rufus T.