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(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold

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In the large-group market, the gross operating profit ratio fell to 9 percent, from 10 percent.
80 and when coupled with higher operating profits boosted gross operating profit per available room by 7.
The purpose of this study is to determine if promotional allowances increase gross revenue, net revenue, or gross operating profit for Atlantic City casinos.
Yoplait had a gross operating profit of EUR120m and a revenue of EUR3.
Net banking revenue increased by 12 percent on the year to RON915m in the January-March period, while the gross operating profit also increased by 24 percent to RON570m.
The company also announced that its gross operating profit improved by NOK 157 million at NOK 792 million.
The company launched the Ibis Hotel in Samiyah in 2008 and has witnessed 85 per cent occupancies and 56 per cent gross operating profit for 2008-09.
According to the enforcement guidelines announced by the FSA, the agency will require top management of a financial institution, which has received public funds independently without merging with other institutions, to resign if it fails to achieve any of three targets set in its business improvement plan -- ratio of net operating profit to total assets, ratio of costs to gross operating profit, and ratio of bad loans to total lending.
64 million, while gross operating profit increased by 10.
These plants, which employ about 1,000 staff, posted turnover of Euro 150 million in 2001 and secured a gross operating profit of Euro 14.
Over the same period, Iberdrola recorded a gross operating profit of Euro 1.
A quarter predict that their total revenue will be lower in 1999 compared to 1998, and yet none think that their gross operating profit will be lower.
Gross operating profit sank nearly 108 per cent to -$1.
The company reported the gross operating profit for the quarter ended Dec.
3 per cent increase in total gross operating profit per available room to $70.