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Synonyms for decency

Synonyms for decency

a sense of propriety or rightness

Antonyms for decency

the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality

the quality of being polite and respectable

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The other victim suffered an attempted sexual assault and two offences of gross indecency at his hands.
The charges are two counts of indecent assault on a boy under 14 between June 1 and July 21 1984; two counts of gross indecency with a boy under 14 between the same dates and buggery of a boy under 16 between July 1 and 21 1984.
Davies, who knows Shah through her work at an escort agency, faces seven counts of aiding and abetting Shah to rape the girl, two of gross indecency - jointly with Shah - and one of indecent assault on a girl under 14.
Caroline French, 37, of St Annes, Lancashire, appeared before Blackpool magistrates, accused of indecently assaulting the teenager and committing an act of gross indecency.
I did my part in trying to correct that in my drama classes and teach tolerance, talking about how (playwright) Oscar Wilde was charged with gross indecency and spent two years in prison for being gay.
Hewitt, 68, was convicted of 53 offences against children at the former Macedon home in Newtownabbey, including indecent assaults, gross indecency and inciting gross indecency.
David Hipperson had escaped a custodial sentence in October last year when magistrates gave him a rehabilitation order after he had admitted gross indecency with the girl.
He was also convicted of committing an act of gross indecency on a ninth woman.
Director Moises Kaufman's protagonists break the rules in a gay way, as evidenced in The Laramie Project and Gross Indecency.
1 at the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Winnipeg, to four years in prison on each of eight counts of indecent assault and four counts of gross indecency.
Glendinning was convicted in London of six counts of gross indecency in 1974.
Labour spin doctor Peter Mandelson's former agent has been accused of gross indecency with a teenage boy.
Denning, 73, of Basildon in Essex, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of indecent assault on a male, a charge of gross indecency and another of indecency with a child when he appeared in custody at Southwark Crown Court in London.
Anne Lakey denies two counts of inciting a boy under 16 to commit an act of gross indecency, two counts of gross indecency on a boy under 16 and four counts of indecent assault on a boy under 16.
He admitted eight indecent assaults, two charges of gross indecency with a female child, eight charges of assaulting the child occasioning actual bodily harm and one charge of threatening to damage his victim's family home.