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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991


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The eight combinations of these concepts constitute the eight measures of aggregate income: gross domestic product (GDP), net domestic product (NDP), gross national product (GNP), net national product (NNP), gross domestic income (GDI), net domestic income (NDI), gross national income (GNI) and net national income (NNI).
When asked to estimate the annual household income in developing nations, however, the median estimate was $5,000, which is generally regarded as high, given the fact that the gross domestic income per capita in the least developed nations is $585, or about $1.
The kingdom's gross domestic income from extraction of oil and gas fell by 7.
The huge costs of the crisis, probably more than $1 trillion in the US alone - or some 7 percent of US gross domestic income - weaken the second pillar of globalization also.
Now, go back and read Sir Roy's definition of gross domestic income.
The previous CNR meeting had debated the three stage membership fee structure based on gross domestic income and this meeting was to endorse it or not.
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