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05 compared to Japanese patients Table II Gross appearance of gastric cancers in Chinese and Japanese patients according to patients' gender Gross appearance Chinese gastric cancers n Female Male Early GC I 2 (0.
Cotyledonoid leiomyoma: a benign uterine tumor with alarming gross appearance.
This hyperkeratosis is largely responsible for the characteristic shaggy or "hairy" gross appearance of the lesion.
3) The gross appearance of neoplastic diseases that affects the skin of birds can be quite varied and frequently requires biopsy to distinguish from nonneoplastic conditions.
The gross appearance of apocrine metaplasia is nonspecific.
The cases are liberally illustrated with intraocular photographs, gross appearance, visual field charts, CT scans, blood tests, etc.
The pathologic definition of low-malignant-potential disease is the gross appearance of peritoneal carcinomatosis and a microscopic appearance "that characteristically fails to reveal evidence of frank invasion by the tumor nodules.
A: Gross appearance of the mass overlying psoas muscle with yellow arrow pointing to superficial psoas muscle tissue.
6) The gross appearance of these neoplasms varies; some are firm, well-circumscribed, yellow masses that resemble the familiar lipoma, while others are tan or pink gelatinous tumors.
Radial scars have a similar gross appearance, but histologically, the connective tissue component of radial scars has more collagen and is hypocellular.
1) The gross appearance of these tumors is not specific; however, the retiform type may show polypoid and papillary structures simulating serous papillary cystic tumors or a hydatidiform mole.
1) Muller called the tumor cystosarcoma because of its fleshy gross appearance and cystic tendency and phyllodes (leaf-like) because when sectioned, the appearance of its fibrous components resembles that of the veins of a leaf.
Common characteristics among these cases include history of hoarseness and cough, erythema and edema of the vocal cord, verrucous gross appearance, and pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of the laryngeal mucosa seen on microscopic examination.
Each valve was assessed on the bases of clinical features, gross appearance, and histology.