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Gross appearance of right ovarian papillary serous cystadenoma weighing 2 kg.
4 weeks), an exploratory laparotomy was performed to measure the intra-luminal diameter of the anastomosed area of the jejunum, inspection of the gross appearance and for detection of any other abnormality if present.
Presumptive diagnosis was made in each case based on gross appearance and clinical examination.
A lesions gross appearance and orientation in the EAC (medial to proximal) provide clues to its nature, as does the number of lesions.
The patients' data gross appearance of the ovarian lesions and microscopic findings were recorded.
The intra-operative findings, like the gross appearance of the appendix, the presence and appearance of the omentum and the presence and quality of peri-ceacal collection help in making a decision whether or not to conduct a mini- exploration hence reduce the rate of failure to resolve the patients symptoms after a negative appendectomy.
Ovarian adenocarcinoma has the typical gross appearance, as seen in this case, of white, cauli-flowerlike lesions.
The gross appearance of epithelioma cuniculatum is characteristic and distinctive, presenting as a warty, keratotic or sometimes soft tumour.
Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV) and accuracy were calculated using the 2x2 table for TLC and Neutrophils (DLC) separately taking gross appearance as gold standard (Red edematous appendics).
Intra operative monitoring of PTH or gamma probe was not used and parathyroid gland was identified based on the pre operative localization and the gross appearance per operatively.
3) The mixed subtype is similar in clinical presentation and gross appearance to the cavernous subtype and is defined by diffuse capillary growth from large ectatic venous blood vessels.
Gross appearance of the tumours was described according to Borrmann's classification for advanced gastric cancer (AGC) (15) and classification's criteria of Japanese Endoscopy Society for early gastric cancer (EGC) (16).
When a fluid is received in the laboratory, information that can be helpful in determining the cell counts is obtained from the gross appearance of the fluid.
Importantly, mucosal pinch biopsies are recommended for all patients in whom eosinophilic esophagitis is in the differential diagnosis, regardless of the gross appearance of the mucosa, the authors wrote.