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(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold

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Lesser charges will apply to any licensed betting office/media platform with gross profits of less than pounds 75,000 on horseracing.
For example, if a movie costs $60 million to produce and $30 million to distribute and market, then takes in $240 million in worldwide box office, Sony's cut would be about $120 million and its gross profit would be a fairly impressive $30 million.
Our ocean transportation gross profits increased 16.
All payments levied on gross profits on horseracing turnover.
Miscellaneous transportation gross profits consist primarily of transportation management fees and customs brokerage fees.
The Board's chief executive, Rodney Brack, said yesterday: "I question how such a system would work, since at present most bookmakers cannot calculate gross profits on their horseracing turnover in isolation from the rest of their business.
For the third quarter, Sourcing gross profits increased 13.
In our air transportation business, approximately two-thirds of our gross profit growth of 17.
Our selling, general, and administrative expenses grew faster than our gross profits, due primarily to increases in our legal, travel, and occupancy expenses.
The increase in our Transportation gross profit margin in the third quarter was due to a slight increase in our truck transportation gross profit margins and to our mix of business.
Miscellaneous transportation gross profits consist primarily of transportation management fees, customs brokerage fees, and warehouse and cross-dock services.
In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, the company's gross profits exceeded its cost of operations; and, for that quarter, operations were funded entirely through the sale of its products.
Gross profits from revenue was $709,386, or 35% of revenues for the three-months ended March 31, 2006 as compared to $272,428, or 24% of revenues, for the three months ended March 31, 2005.
The increase in gross profits and in the margin stems from an increase in the quantity of both new and old products, and the first-time consolidation of acquired companies.
ATLANTA -- Second Quarter and Six Month Revenues Increase 68% and 85% Respectively; Gross Profits Increase 67% and 80%