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The press release focused on the Company's response to four allegations raised in the Article including (a) The Company seriously exaggerated its gross profit margin level; (b) Factoring business has low gross profit margin and provides extremely long credit terms to non-factoring related business; (c) Unusually high trade receivables turnover days; (d) Falsely high revenue, with a view to helping interested persons understand the conclusion of the Article on the Company's valuation is erroneous.
The fashion brands businesses, Spitz and Indigo, achieved solid volume growth and also realised strong gross profit margins supported by favourable mix changes and import exchange rates.
Taipei, March 15, 2010 (CENS)--Lacking workers and rising key-component prices will likely cut gross profit margin by 1% to 2% for Taiwan's leading manufacturers of digital still cameras (DSCs) this year, including Ability Enterprise Co.
Our July FIFO gross profit margin was the highest monthly level we have seen so far this year," said Hannah.
9% in the second quarter is still above the industry average and the company expects that the increased sales, even with lower gross profit margins, will translate into increased profits and earnings per share.
2% percent in the first quarter was due to a decline in our gross profit margins, partially offset by a double-digit increase in volumes.
1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006 resulted from an increase in gross profit margins, offset in part by a decrease in volume.
Our sales performance reflects excellent customer response to Ultra Pac's product line and our continued progress in producing innovative packaging products, but our gross profit margins are not acceptable.
The margin improvement for the quarter was due to Nightingale's success in increasing its efficiency of service delivery, the reduction of costs related to the operations of recently acquired HealtheNet and IHPS, as well as the benefits the Company realized throughout the quarter from higher software license sales, which inherently carry higher gross profit margins.
The decrease in gross profit margins for both periods was primarily caused by production inefficiencies related to the company having achieved maximum production capacity and an increased percentage of plastic products sold, which generally carry lower gross margins than fiberglass products.
Gross profit margins of most companies have an increment from about 6% in 2001 to 20-35% at present.
In this environment, we are aggressively pursuing both sales and acceptable gross profit margins while budgeting expenses conservatively.
Approximately half of the growth was driven by increased volumes, with the remainder of the growth due to an increase in gross profit margins and increased truck transportation rates compared to 2005.
The repositioning of our Jean Philippe line of Alternative Designer Fragrances, which entailed a complete phase out of the old line during the fourth quarter of 1992 at lower gross profit margins than usual, made way for the February 1993 introduction of our new line which is gaining acceptance with our customers and enabling us to achieve our historical 45 percent gross profit margin.