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100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria

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Grosh, Finite element simulations of orthotropic hyperelasticity, Finite Elem.
Coady, David, Margaret Grosh, and John Hoddinott (2003) Targeting Outcomes Redux.
Ellyn Lockerbie Grosh is Assistant Professor of French at Wheaton College and President of the Midwest Region of the Conference on Christianity and Literature.
1999) and several refereed articles, but its impact on policy within Vietnam has been limited (Blank and Grosh 1999).
Scott Grosh, who teaches 230 students at Greenway Middle School, developed a system which involves evaluating and graphing student performance on conceptual understanding, expressive quality and technical skill.
Management hiring in technology has picked up over the last few months, despite the overall general economic slowdown," said Dan Grosh, a Managing Director of Boyden San Francisco.
We are delighted to begin Span's first California operation--a two year contract with Merced County Human Services Agency; likewise we are excited to welcome Clarion County, Pennsylvania, to our program along with many more exciting new projects on the horizon," states Mike Grosh, president and CEO of Span Corporation.
Bundy D, Burbano C, Grosh M, Gelli A, Jukes M and L Drake 2009 Rethinking School Feeding: Social Safety Nets, Child Development, and the education Sector.
Some came as farmers but became miners, as did the Grosh brothers who found rich veins of silver alongside the gold in the Virginia Range.
1) Volunteers Joanne Grosh, left, Jackie Cullen and Sheila Miller clean buffalo coats from the Hart Museum collection.
To scale more rapidly, companies are committing to higher premiums for senior executives in General Management, Sales, Marketing and Engineering, according to Dan Grosh, a Managing Director at Boyden San Francisco.
Due to the overwhelmingly positive interest in our environmental grant program, we are extending our deadline to allow more organizations an opportunity to apply for funding in 2013," said Ashley Grosh, Wells Fargo head of Environment Philanthropy.
A few scientists in the world try to design the MEMS artificial cochlea (White & Grosh 2002, Chen et al.
Grosh Backdrops and Drapery says that among the company's most popular backdrops are montages of images such as American landmarks, Broadway icons or even pictures of clocks.
April 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Grosh family of Cumberland, Md.