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United States architect (born in Germany) and founder of the Bauhaus school (1883-1969)

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architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and writer Franz Werfel;
Revisando las distintas actitudes de los pioneros modernos, Rowe afirma que Le Corbusier sentia una especial preocupacion por las cualidades planas del vidrio y Gropius, en cambio, por sus atributos traslucidos.
As early as 1911, Walter Gropius realized the potential contribution of a modernist architecture to the rationalization of industry: "A worker will find that a room well thought out by an artist, which responds to the innate sense of beauty we all possess, will relieve the monotony of the daily task and he will be more willing to join in the common enterprise.
Despite Walter Gropius' argument that there should be "no difference between the beautiful and the strong gender, absolute equality, but also absolutely equal duties," the growing number of female applicants to the Bauhaus led Gropius and his Council of Masters to limit the number of women students and to assign them almost exclusively to the Weaving Workshop.
Had these arhitects had the chance to teach the lessons they had learned about the limitations of the new architecture [that is, the architecture taught by Gropius and Mies], it would profoundly have affected the postwar course of the Modern Movement.
We believe Gropius Passagen's robust tenant mix and track record and Germany's strong economic position within the eurozone, when paired with TIAA-CREF and mfi's active management, will help create value for our clients over the long term.
Ernst Neufert was a prominent German Architect of the twentieth century and was a noted assistant of Walter Gropius.
Although its director Walter Gropius and others soon came to have second thoughts about such equal opportunity, limiting the percentage of female students and refusing them access to some of the workshops, the Bauhaus provided women an unprecedented opportunity for education and artistic advancement.
Because his wife, Alma (Barbara Romaner)--historically, the succubus of fin de siecle European geniuses--is having an affair with architect Walter Gropius (Friedrich Mucke), and Mahler seeks the famed psycho-analyst's counsel.
Asi como la descripcion que hace Ise Gropius del lugar de la construccion de su casa en Lincoln: (4)
That was back when Walter Gropius, its founder, and several of his colleagues were still about and so gave the sense that the chord had not yet been cut.
3 Complete this quotation of Walter Adolf Gropius (German architect/1883/1969).
Designed by Sir Lancelot Keay, city architect and housing director, these slum replacement flats were inspired by the German social architecture of Walter Gropius and the style of Dutch architect Willem Dudok (as is Liverpool Philharmonic Hall) Picture: IAN KELSO, Daily Post archive
En la primavera de 1919, tras la caida del imperio aleman nacio la Republica de Weimar (asi llamada por su capital, la ciudad homonima situada 220 kilometros al suroeste de Berlin) y su gobierno encargo al arquitecto Walter Gropius la creacion de la Staatliches Baubaus (Casa estatal de la construccion), una escuela de arquitectura, artes y oficios.
The saga of Alma Mahler-Werfel - the wife of Gustav Mahler, Franz Werfel and Walter Gropius and the lover of Oskar Kokoschka - will use every square inch of the Los Angeles Theatre.