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rum cut with water

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RedArt 25 lbs fireclay 25 lbs ballclay 5 lbs fine grog 5 lbs medium grog 5 lbs coarse grog 1 lbs flint 1 lb talc 2 handfuls of nylon fibers Add 1 lb Iron Oxide for colour boost if desired
Dunlop said: "The Grogs have a twoyear deal but unfortunately their two-yearold last year had leg trouble.
In 1993, they launched their career in puppetry by creating the Grogs and gained popularity with the puppet troupe on Canada's YTV, then segueing to CBC, TVO, Showcase -- and Nickelodeon.
His rivals have picked a range of topics including the geography of Australia, grogs, Western European geography, and The Princess Diaries.
IF YOU fancy a traditional Turkmeni rug, a piece of late Victorian jewellery or some pottery from the hand of the man who makes the Grogs, beat a fast path to Merthyr tomorrow.