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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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Associate Justice Minister Mark Mitchell says the changes were made because increases in tobacco excise tax meant some grocery stores main source of revenue changed from food to tobacco products, which resulted in these stores losing liquor licences.
Grocery stores may be the best-positioned retailer to execute a seamless digital customer interaction and nobody knows it yet.
A business continuity plan is essential for all companies, including grocery stores.
The free Advanced Energy Design Guide for Grocery Stores focuses on retail settings of 25,000-65,000 square feet with medium- and low-temperature refrigerated cases and walk-ins.
Many small grocery stores were preparing to close down for good by Monday night due to space and financial constraints to meet new requirements laid down by authorities.
In an effort to address the problem, the city established a program called Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH), which provides zoning and financial incentives aimed at promoting the establishment and retention of neighborhood grocery stores in underserved communities throughout the five boroughs (particularly in northern Manhattan, the Bronx, and central Brooklyn and Queens).
For ingredients: carrier oils, sugars, and salts can be found in grocery stores.
His hard work and dedication led to several high-profile management jobs at numerous grocery stores.
Relying on modern economic theories of competition, we developed a model to understand the effect that Wal-Mart would have on two local grocery stores.
Butt Grocery Stores of San Antonio, Texas, have entered into an agreement to help HEB celebrate its 100 years of service to communities in Texas and Mexico.
Grocery stores in the Aland Islands may be allowed to sell wine due to a shortage of Alko stores in the Finnish autonomous area.
Wong, grocery stores throughout Latin America now accept Web orders paid with foreign credit cards.
The waxed boxes often end up going into the produce industry, especially grocery stores.
Two grocery stores in the Billings, Montana, area are closing, apparent victims of Wal-Mart, reports the Billings Gazette.