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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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Dickey's delicious 10 count packages of signature buttery rolls can now be purchased in 180 Jewel-Osco grocery stores throughout the Chicagoland area.
We expect to add an additional 9,000 US listings during the remainder of 2013 including some well-known national grocery store chains.
Many small grocery stores were preparing to close down for good by Monday night due to space and financial constraints to meet new requirements laid down by authorities.
This is another easy to create but decadent gift that has ingredients found at local grocery stores.
After years of careful planning, Jax Markets has expanded and operates three successful grocery stores in Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs and Ontario.
Another problem for Web-based grocery stores in Latin America is demographics.
But a number of grocery stores say their use of waxed corrugated is in response to consumer demands.
Two grocery stores in the Billings, Montana, area are closing, apparent victims of Wal-Mart, reports the Billings Gazette.
Police are asking for help in locating a group of men who have robbed three grocery stores, a liquor market and a smoke shop along the Golden State Freeway since August by prying open the front door or breaking windows, police said.
While state aid couldn't save Super Pride, Leonard says this doesn't mean that other companies are doomed in a culture where mom-and-pop grocery stores are an integral part of the blue-collar city.
According to the American Forest and Paper Association, 25 billion paper bags were used by grocery stores in 1984.
Grocery stores will start having in-store take-outs, much like a smorgasbord, he predicted.
A mix of grocery retailer formats was included in the study, including traditional grocery stores (e.