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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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Grocery retailers have not performed well in a comparison of shareholder value creation over the past year, according to research from KPMG and Templeton College, Oxford.
Retail Loss Prevention says it has recruited more than 100 stores, many of which are grocery retailers, to the schemes it has launched in Macclesfield, Maidenhead, Manchester, Shrewsbury and York.
We understand that the time for action is now for grocery retailers who want to continue to be market leaders.
Also, the Commission has found no evidence for the claim that larger grocery retailers systematically obtain lower prices from their suppliers than smaller grocery retailers or wholesalers; it has, however, found that larger grocery retailers receive a better quality of service.
PrairieStone is a Minneapolis-based retail pharmacy company which operates or is contracted to furnish management or other retail pharmacy services to approximately 200 retail pharmacies within grocery retailers located in the Central and Eastern United States.
Product coverage: Modern Grocery Retailers, Traditional Grocery Retailers.
At times, grocery retailers need to manage high volumes of inbound candidate interest, so one of the biggest challenges of hiring is organization.
The four largest grocery retailers own a significant number of landbank sites, as well as controlling further sites through leases to third parties, restrictive covenants and exclusivity arrangements.
However, UK retailers are leading the way, with three of the four listed grocery retailers beating the global average, according to The Grocer Share Price Tracker, a new index that compares 10 of the biggest global supermarket chains with the major UK grocery retailers.
Tyson also launches a new line of 31 chicken, beef, ham and turkey deli meats into the self-service deli section at grocery retailers nationwide.
Sainsbury's has urged the Competition Commission to apply the supermarkets code of practice to all one-stop shop grocery retailers.
7 out of 14 grocery retailers in Baltimore for overall quality.
In 2011, competition intensified among grocery retailers seeking to hold on to their share of consumer spending.
How can Meda now help grocery retailers increase profits in the HBC section?