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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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The entrepreneur has launched the concept easyFoodstore in Park Royal, north-west London, in an attempt to cash in on the very cheapest end of the grocery market.
Separate research from analysts Kantar Worldpanel showed the two chains now control 10% of the grocery market, having doubled their share in the last three years alone.
1% of Britain's grocery market, Kantar reports, adding that Waitrose has increased its sales in each reporting period dating from March 2009.
The US grocery market will remain the second largest globally and is predicted to be worth US$1.
The bomb exploded inside a grocery market at Jadidat al-Shatt in Diyala region, 30 km south west Bkouba," "United Press International" confirmed, adding that the blast was followed by a car explosion driven by a suicide attacker who targeted the citizens and policemen who gathered around the place where the first explosion occurred.
The UK food and grocery market, valued this year at pounds 156.
In the next three years China is expected to overtake the US as the world's largest grocery market with sales reaching [euro]761bn [IGD].
The market research organization IGD has reported that China could overtake the United States as the world's biggest grocery market within five years.
China could become world's largest grocery market: China could overtake the United States as the world's biggest grocery market within five years, according to market research organization IGD.
7 per cent of the grocery market in the 12 weeks to November 1, said researchersTNSWorldpanel.
The Competition Commission unveiled a planning shake-up in a bid to boost competition in the pounds 95 billion grocery market.
In terms of our selection of products, especially our natural and organic choices, this Festival Foods should have the best choices for customers of any grocery market in Bloomington.
The August issue of grocery trade journal The Shelby Report Southwest takes a look at Arkansas' grocery market and finds that it is growing nicely.
It's part of its strategic plan to win back market share of the E12billion grocery market.
Moreover, analysts say that the big three chains - which previously controlled 60 percent of the grocery market in Southern California - will permanently lose market share.