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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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Broadband penetration is an important external influencer on the online grocery market 18
The grocery market has continued to grow strongly, in value terms, but the 6% year-on-year growth hid static volumes.
It offers a unique and insightful data review on the total Brazilian grocery market.
However, somehow this became an inquiry into the grocery market as a whole.
We are proud to bring a modern grocery market offering competitive new jobs with comprehensive benefits to Compton.
The grocery market in Europe has rebounded from a severe downturn with total grocery spend growing by 2.
It has also upped its share of the grocery market to 2.
Figures from the TNS market research panel showed Tesco expanding its share of the grocery market to 31.
SUPERMARKET giant Tesco yesterday denied it was creating a country of "Tesco towns" as it set out a robust defence to accusations it has a near monopoly of the UK grocery market.
important figures of food and grocery market in various countries;
The Commission is expected to publish its initial findings in the next few days, as part of the opening stage of a lengthy inquiry into the pounds 95bn grocery market.
Not only is our grocery market rapidly changing, competition is fierce to maintain and increase market share.
The online grocery market is taking a growth path that no other ecommerce business has tread," said Jim Williamson, a senior research analyst with IDC's Consumer eCommerce: Consumer Goods research.
Food & Grocery Retailing in Austria: Market Databook to 2015 provides a top-level overview and detailed category insight into the operating environment for Food & Grocery market.