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chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc

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Schiele), a virtuoso grisaille painting that makes reference to black-and-white photography, he has combined iconic historical images into a large painted photomontage that brings Klimt and Schiele together.
Looking at Absteigende Heisse Strahlen (Descending Hot Rays), a quiet grisaille painting, one might imagine it describes a theatrical moment--a dancer doing a soft-shoe with a bucket over his head.
This exhibition was titled "The Lone Ranger" and contained several sets of mostly grisaille paintings addressing that iconic guy, hung in long rows of from sixteen to twenty-five canvases each, along with a smaller panel of text at the beginning and end of each row.
There was a group of small grisaille paintings of cars based more directly on straight photographs, which seemed to be a bit too close in feeling to Gerhard Richter's Baader-Meinhof series.
In the tiny storefront gallery, painted bright white, 18 delicate, grisaille paintings of erupting volcanoes ranged across the walls, forming a large and colorful imaginary landscape, complemented by a painting of a volcano over the entry door, and another of a black odalisque in a gilt frame.