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winged monster with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion

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When they were half-way across Lily let the nut fall into the water, and immediately a large nut-tree arose from the sea, whereon the griffin rested for a while, and then carried them safely home.
Before our friends could recover from their surprise both the Griffin and the Saw-Horse had dashed out of sight.
Far away, across the meadows, they could now see two tiny specks, speeding one after the other; and they knew these specks must be the Griffin and the Saw-Horse.
But its tired feet sank far into the sand, and in a few minutes the Griffin fell forward, completely exhausted, and lay still upon the desert waste.
Glinda came up a moment later, riding the still vigorous Saw-Horse; and having unwound a slender golden thread from her girdle the Sorceress threw it over the head of the panting and helpless Griffin, and so destroyed the magical power of Mombi's transformation.
The griffin was itself a compound creature, half lion and
See his "The New Physiology and Other Addresses," Griffin,
If a roc, an eagle, a griffin, a flying elephant, a winged sea-horse, had suddenly appeared, and, taking him on its back, carried him bodily into the heart of the 'Salwanners,' it would have been to him as an everyday occurrence, in comparison with what he now beheld.
You might jist as well call her a griffin, or a unicorn, or a king's arms at once, which is wery well known to be a collection o' fabulous animals,' added Mr.
I shall want you to come along with us, Mr Brass, and the--' he looked at Miss Sally as if in some doubt whether she might not be a griffin or other fabulous monster.
Hammock refused to leave, and began threatening to burn the Griffins out of their home.
Because a neighbor, Eric Griffin, had earlier complained about the dog's barking, Mr.
The Tax Court held that the Griffins had not proved the property tax payments were expenses of a business separate from the corporation in which the couple were mere investors.
Robert Griffin personally guaranted loans to construct these properties, even though the Griffins had no direct ownership interest in the partnerships or the properties.
Griffins will receive the radiation treatment five days a week for five weeks, in Ottawa.
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