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Beyond the acceleration of large-scale computing tasks, grid computing allows for the dynamic assignment of workloads to the most efficient resources for the job, so a large number of tasks run more effectively.
The new research builds on last year's European pilot by providing a global snapshot along with European trend information on organizations' attitudes about, and adoption of, Grid Computing.
Businesses are adopting Grid computing at a quickening pace, and we believe the Globus Toolkit helps accelerate that adoption," said Ken King, vice president, Grid computing, IBM.
IBM Grid computing technology has been deployed at Peking University, South China University of Technology, Tsinghua University, the University of Hong Kong, Xi'an giaotong University and Sun Yat-sen University.
In operation, grid computing software divides a computational job into multiple, smaller, discrete tasks that are then distributed to the various computing nodes on the grid.
Platform Globus accelerates adoption of Grid computing by the commercial sector and provides value-added professional services to implement Grids quickly and efficiently," said Paul Hill, VP, Marketing, Platform.
Making Grid computing a reality on a commercial basis will require a massive, if disparate, infrastructure, and, as Hagel and Brown note in their article, the equally massive investment needed to create that infrastructure has already begun.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Grid Dynamics and GridGain Systems today announced a strategic alliance that combines GridGain's fast growing open source grid computing platform with Grid Dynamics' field-proven design, test and deployment services for distributed, high performance computing environments.
Platform surveyed over 100 IT decision makers from global organizations to identify IT investment priorities for 2004, and learned that grid computing has escalated as a high priority IT investment.
Web Services on Wall Street--Continuing its momentum as the leader in grid computing software, Platform Computing Inc.
Ouimette believes grid computing, in which power is harnessed for many computers on a network to solve problems requiring different processing cycles and involving large amounts of data, was the precursor to utility computing.
In the first step of what many hope will be a march toward widespread adoption, IBM has announced several new products that seek to spread the commercial applications for so-called Grid Computing.
0, the next version of the fastest growing open-source Java grid computing platform.
Grid Computing takes collective advantage of the vast improvements in microprocessor speeds, optical communications, raw storage capacity, the World Wide Web, and the Internet that have occurred over the last five years and stands to change the way all companies do business.