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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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ANALYSIS: UAE grey-market prices dive for Apple Watch
The report states that while reduced import taxes and component costs have moderated demand for low-cost grey-market handsets across the continent, African consumers are showing increased demand for high-end feature phones.
2) Grey-market handsets may not be correctly configured for high-margin data services such as mobile Internet.
4) An operator may not detect a grey-market handset attaching to its network or a subscriber making a handset switch.
Eager beavers made quick work of a grey-market shipment of 350 iPhone 4S models into the UAE on Saturday with only a handful remaining as of late yesterday, said one company who shipped the phones independently ahead of the official release of the phones here next month.
Dubai Apple fans in the UAE, hungry to be the first proud owners of the newly released iPhone 4S, are snapping up grey-market smartphones after the second-generation mobile device was officially launched last Friday in North America.
Meanwhile, with untold numbers of the latest Apple sensation flying off Dubai shelves, grey-market sales of the iPad could lead to a string of disappointed consumers if the first-generation media and computing device develops serious glitches that won't be covered by Apple.
The unit is being sold from $499 (Dh1,832), roughly half the cost of grey-market base model iPads now being sold in the UAE.