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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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ANALYSIS: UAE grey-market prices dive for Apple Watch
A combination of supply and demand factors is causing demand to decline for grey-market cellphones," said Kevin Wang, director of China research at IHS.
According to a recent KPMG study that surveyed 43 authorised distributors and resellers, including 15 European outlets, found that although almost 92% cited purchasing counterfeit products as a significant risk due to poor quality and support, 71% claimed it was necessary to purchase grey-market items to be competitive on pricing and fulfilment.
However, in 2005 the international vendors' continuing efforts to develop the handset market in China's second-level and third-level cities, combined with the impact of fake-brand and grey-market handsets on sales in rural areas and smaller cities, put the Chinese vendors under heavy pressure.
Dubai Apple fans in the UAE, hungry to be the first proud owners of the newly released iPhone 4S, are snapping up grey-market smartphones after the second-generation mobile device was officially launched last Friday in North America.