Carcharias taurus

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shallow-water shark with sharp jagged teeth found on both sides of Atlantic

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Oceanworld shark expert Rob Townsend said the grey nurse sharks, normally one of the most docile species, thought it was time to eat when the lights went out.
The grey nurse shark is one of Australia's most endangered marine species after being fished to near-extinction.
The partnership, and outcomes from it, is designed to work with and enhance the excellent work of other state and national groups in protecting the marine environment and species such as the Grey Nurse shark.
This use could be extended to ensure that protected shark species such as the grey nurse shark (Carcharias taurus), white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), and the smalltooth sand tiger shark (Odontaspis ferox) are not sold.
The Melbourne aquarium team hopes to expand their research and aid in plans to preserve threatened animals especially the critically endangered grey nurse shark.
The 10ft grey nurse shark got a large fisherman's hook stuck in its throat while hunting off Australia.
The grey nurse shark was spotted with the gaff in its mouth by divers off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.
The beach was closed and last night fishermen were forming a hunting party to kill the Grey Nurse shark, which can grow to 12ft.
According to reports, Saunders was attacked by a grey nurse shark and suffered deep puncture wounds.
The beaches were closed and last night fishermen were forming a hunting party to kill the Grey Nurse shark, which can grow to 12ft.
A DIVER who claimed he speared a22lb grey nurse shark in self-defence faces being fined pounds 85,000 for killing an endangered species.
Alan Saunders was involved in the seasonal mullet run and was removing a Grey Nurse shark caught in a fishing net at Crowdy Head beach on Sunday 21 April.
The animal, a grey nurse shark, died after being captured.
Dr Stow and Associate Professor Harcourt have been trying to understand the impacts that the small size of the grey nurse shark population will have on their recovery.
THE Grey Nurse shark is an amazing creature and we get up close and personal with one tonight.