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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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In the past, Toyota was the principal brand when it came to grey imports, but that has since expanded to take in more automotive brands.
Youngsters who cut their motoring teeth by souping up second-hand superminis are graduating into highperformance grey imports from Japan and the USA because they cost less than the equivalent cars bought second-hand through a franchised dealer.
That's the finding of high street insurance broker Swinton which has seen an 18% hike in demand for quotes on grey imports in the last year.
Examine the paintwork and remember grey imports and tarted-up versions with bolt-on extras should be given a wide berth.
Grey imports are frowned on by dealers because they:
You see many cheap examples on sale and most of them will probably be grey imports.
We are initially concentrating on grey imports - vehicles imported from outside the EC - and parallel imports - those from within the EC - before promoting our services to all independent motor related businesses,'' he said.
Rob Hester, editor of CAP Grey Book - the guide to unofficially imported used car values - says fears that tough new safety tests would make grey imports too expensive are misplaced.
First into the fray and in Subaru dealerships from January 1 will be the ultimate Impreza, the STi, which will be designated "Type UK" - to distinguish it from grey imports which do not, says Subaru, have European Type Approval.
Jeff Patterson says only by reducing UK prices to match those available abroad will UK dealers fend off grey imports.
Some divisive issues affecting power retailers across the region stem from declining product margins, lack of skilled and well-trained staff, grey imports and counterfeit goods.
Grey imports are not accepted for warranty and maintenance reasons.
What could be an issue for some buyers is that the official shipments do not feature the FaceTime feature while the grey imports do.
And we want to ensure that channel partners stay well away from grey imports and turn to legitimate business practices instead," he added.