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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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In approximately one third of the countries, as well as in Macedonia, the managers point at the informal grey economy as main obstacle in their business.
Measures aimed at managing the grey economy implemented by the government in 2015 also include amendments to the Companies Act, with which the government seeks to eliminate abuse connected to setting up and operating legal personalities.
Emil Surkov from CRPM stressed that the grey economy was present in every country in various forms.
The grey economy ballooned in the 1990s when economic reforms eroded the Socialist-influenced, centralised economy in favour of the private sector.
Ministry of Investment is willing to divert grey economy into formal economy (file photo)
Banking penetration in Morocco barely reaches 50 percent due mostly to an important grey economy.
Do you think the black and grey economy is being dealt with?
But analysts estimate that the grey economy employs some 42 percent of the labour force and contributes roughly one third of gross domestic product.
The chapter on self-help housing in Leon, Nicaragua reviews the classic case of industrial resurgence in the Mondragon area of Basque Spain, as well as a discussion of how the grey economy has provided Internet cafes that apparently do reasonably well at bridging the "digital divide" for poorer households in Lima, Peru.
The grey economy did not happen overnight but was born and grew with the transition.
Agreement by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov to a proposal by unions to increase social security contributions from 2011 prompted employer organisations to walk out of the tripartite council, claiming bad faith and saying that the plan would worsen the grey economy and heighten unemployment.
RIGA - Talks are underway within the government to design solutions which would reduce the size of the grey economy in Latvia.
The days when the grey economy used the book as a sort of alternative unit of currency appear over.
The newly unemployed and "abnormally" retired workers were faced with declining living standards and narrowing social network ties, offloaded onto welfare programs and had stronger incentives to earn private income in the grey economy instead of pursuing public goods through protests.
And as I reach the hotel, through the leafy cobbled streets and cafE[umlaut]s of downtown Sofia, it truly feels like a European capital, but the headline in the local paper in tells me the grey economy accounts for at least 37 per cent of GDP.