black body

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a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it

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On the style front, I wasn't impressed by our model's silver-coloured wing mirrors against the dark grey body colour.
Thakur Shambhu Singh's horse (figure 2) has a uniform grey body, black shanks, white ankles, and grey (not black) hooves, a prominent white tilak-like mark on the forehead, large hips (not small and narrow), short ears, well-formed large eyes, an open red mouth displaying even white teeth, a long neck, a short root of the tail, round knees, and a full tasselled mane.
Distinguished by their beak-like snout and dark, curved cape (the area under their dorsal fin) on a grey body, some of the world's biggest bottlenoses can be found in waters around Britain.
The stylish gunmetal grey body of the mouse is slightly smaller than a conventional mouse but fits easily in the hand.
Soldiers unloaded corpses in grey body bags from a large coastguard vessel at a port in northern Penghu.
The female is dowdier by comparison - with a plain brown head and grey body.
The exterior of the 2016 Fiat 500X displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show is accented with red hood and roof graphics, with red and grey body side graphics.
Dub Magazine features 26-inch concave wheels, painted to match the grey body colour, a revamped interior with an upgraded sound system and remote-controlled LED lighting.
The tiny, remote controlled aircraft, which fits easily into the palm, has a smooth grey body and twin black rotors and stays airborne due to a small rechargeable battery, the paper added.
Unfortunately it hid its grey body, with a neat black cap and rusty undertail in thick gorse, leaving the vast majority frustrated, but keen-eyed observers then spotted a rare red eyed vireo just a few hundred yards away
But the bird, around three and a half feet tall with a white neck and grey body, does match the description of Sydney, an African white-backed vulture who vanished a week ago during a flying display at the English School of Falconry in Old Warden, Beds.
They have six eyes, orange legs, a dark brown head, grey body and sharp little claws on each of their eight legs.
The drake Pochard is a colourful bird with a chestnut-red head and light grey body.
It features a Moondark Matte Grey body colour, a black fabric roof and 18-inch Brilliant Black 'Nemesis' sports alloy wheels with Brilliant Red DS logo centre caps and red brake callipers It also has an eMyWay Signature pack, which includes an RDS stereo radio/MP3 compatible CD player with steering mounted controls, a Bluetooth(R) system with USB socket and an eight speaker HiFi system.
The red and grey body depicts spirit of the men of "blood and steel" who man the unit and constantly strive for excellence.