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an intermediate area


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Also in Q3, Grey Zone added a global provider of enterprise business systems, managed services and infrastructure solutions to government agencies, who has deployed SecureZone 5 to manage the flow of unstructured data via a secure extranet.
IBM's largest North American solutions provider, along with Grey Zone, the leading provider of Extranet technology and software, announced a worldwide strategic alliance to deliver one of the most powerful Linux solutions available to date.
Integrating RWS Group's multilingual glossary management function with the SecureZone 5 creates a powerful platform for corporate globalization," said David Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Grey Zone.
SecureZone is an excellent complement to the IBM zSeries family because the zSeries has the power and scalability to support virtually any volume of web sites that SecureZone customers can create," says Eugene Bernosky, Chief Executive Officer for Grey Zone.
He will lead all Grey Zone sales initiatives, expand product visibility in new markets, build partner channels and restructure the sales organization to meet business growth.
Last fall, Arquette returned to his dramatic roots in "The Grey Zone," with Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi and Mira Sorvino, and then took a starring role in "Happy Here and Now," with Ally Sheedy.
Objective: The grey zone of bystanders, collaborators and beneficiaries of violence escapes the scope of main Transitional Justice (TJ) institutions and poses tough questions for scholars and architects of post-conflict societies.
75 percent of US doctors say at least 20 percent of patients cases are in the grey zone " 2,945 doctors, March 2015
The reason that is needed is to prevent the grey zone from becoming black.
Communication expert Petar Arsovski comments for Utrinski vesnik that slowly but surely we are entering a grey zone.
This should come as good news for parents of bullied children who are often caught in the grey zone between the system and their child's predicament.
Decade of fear; reporting from terrorism's grey zone.
Analyst Edmond Ademi says that Macedonia will remain a grey zone on the European map.
Freedom of speech is a grey zone and I don't think that there are wrongs or rights.
Up to the moment, Prime Minister-designate remains keen on practicing his role in a grey zone," Zahra told Al- Sayyad weekly, indicating that no clear answers have been given by Mikati to March 14 queries on the national dialogue table outcome, the STL, and illegal arms.