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an intermediate area


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Pouchot, "A grey zone for quantitative diagnostic and screening tests", Int J Epidemiol, vol.
As the national security correspondent for Canada's Toronto Star, Shephard spent much of her beat traveling the world covering issues of terrorism and the "war on terrorism" in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, racing down to Manhattan on the day of the attacks and in the ensuing years visiting Somalia, Pakistan, Guantanamo Bay, Yemen, and other places investigating the dynamics of terrorism and "counterterrorism," finding that those labels resisted an easy black and white analysis and instead consisted of a grey zone in which so-called "counterterrorism" policies frequently contributed to the problem they were ostensibly formulated to address and that skepticism towards official state pronouncements was duly warranted.
Freedom of speech is a grey zone and I don't think that there are wrongs or rights.
It is the champions, the context, and the communication functions that help practitioners to navigate the grey zone.
Up to the moment, Prime Minister-designate remains keen on practicing his role in a grey zone," Zahra told Al- Sayyad weekly, indicating that no clear answers have been given by Mikati to March 14 queries on the national dialogue table outcome, the STL, and illegal arms.
Rather than seek traditional heroes and moral lessons in such events, films like Triumph of the Spirit--its title can only be understood as ironic--about a boxer who fought other inmates to death for the entertainment of Nazi guards, and The Grey Zone, about the Sonderkommando in Auschwitz, reveal the absurdity of insisting on a moral message from events of the "gray zone.
The sky has now been split into four zones according to the level of volcanic ash contamination: a white zone, where operations may continue as usual, a black zone, where flights are banned, a red zone (presence of ash but flights permitted) and a grey zone (flights permitted under certain conditions).
He added that the decision "will move the diocese of Ottawa out of the grey zone and firmly establish its alignment with" churches and dioceses "which have been declared to be in a state of broken or impaired communion by two-thirds of the global Anglican Communion.
In its report, the committee announced its intention to demand access to a new summer lobster fishery in an internationally disputed area known as the Grey Zone.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-28 June 2004-Norway and Russia extend Grey Zone Agreement(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
WITH ``THE GREY ZONE,'' Tim Blake Nelson means to take us both inside the death machinery of Auschwitz and inside the consciences of the Jews who exterminated fellow prisoners in exchange for food, comfort and, at least temporarily, life.
RWS Group, LLC, a developer of language technology and a translation and localization provider, and Grey Zone, Inc.
Everyone aspires to the white zone, where they can live in opulent surroundings in luxury homes, and dreads the thought of being consigned to the outer grey zone where families live in one room and share a bathroom with neighbours.