grey wolf

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a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America

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Ahmet Yiy-it, Istanbul Provincial Head of Grey Wolves, said jointly held by Russia, yran China and Syrian regime, genocide are being committed against Turkmens in Syrian Lands.
A group, representing Grey Wolves in the late hours at 23:00 Turkish Local Time gathered on at famous ystiklal Street, where Russian Consul General Building is located began to protest latest collateral attack to Turkmen Day-y region held by Russian and Syrian forces.
Some scientists, however, are skeptical of the notion that eastern wolves are hybrids of grey wolves and coyotes.
According to their evidence, the eastern wolf is also moving west and mating with grey wolves in the area of Ontario north of the upper Great Lakes.
Though he failed to make good on his threat in 1979, with the assistance of the Grey Wolves he made his way to Europe and to St.
Herman and I review the strong evidence that Agca was coached in prison to implicate the Bulgarians as well as the overwhelming evidence that the assassination attempt was rooted in the ideology and organization of the Grey Wolves.
Our dead heroin trafficker, Abdullah Catli, was a leader of the Grey Wolves when he was found guilty in absentia of organizing the 1978 murders of seven student members of the Turkish Labor Party.
The Grey Wolves are clearly implicated, and they are directly related to the Turkish counterguerrilla force.