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high-scoring Canadian ice-hockey player (born in 1961)

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Gretzky was at White Hart Lane to see Spurs' lose 2-1 to Arsenal in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday - and was handed the jersey by former skipper Ledley King before the game.
We have a very good team of instructors and off-ice coaches, and are extremely fortunate to be able to grow the Gretzky brand while being involved with youth hockey.
The pair was first outed as a 'couple' when model Gretzky joined the athlete in Kapalua, Hawaii for the 2013 PGA Tour in January.
Gretzky, the 24-year-old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, is back at it with two new videos, one of her dancing to "The Thong Song" while on a boat with friends in a bikini and another of her and a female friend wearing their bras and underwear dancing to Britney Spears' "Oops I Did It Again.
Like Gretzky on ice, the most successful people in various fields make continual, accurate predictions just a little ahead of and a little better than everyone else.
There's no secret that Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will probably always rule the want lists of passionate hockey collectors.
In an interview today with a Toronto radio station, Kings president and general manager Dean Lombardi said he would be open to the idea of bringing back Gretzky in some yet-undefined role.
Gretzky has been involved in raising funds for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind for three decades now.
And former Ipswich star Yallop is convinced the ex-England captain will have the same effect Gretzky did when he moved from the Edmonton Oilers to the LA Kings in 1988.
The column, ghostwritten every week by National Post columnist Roy MacGregor in collaboration with Gretzky, runs in the Toronto-based paper and is distributed in the United States by United Features Syndicate.
In his seventeen years as a professional hockey player, Wayne Gretzky has filled a room with trophies and awards.
In fact, most were there to see just one player--Wayne Gretzky of the visiting Edmonton Oilers.
Widely regarded as the greatest hockey player ever to lace up a pair of skates, Wayne Gretzky was honored today in Phoenix by Wheaties with the unveiling of a new special-edition package.
Instructors Include Wayne and Keith Gretzky and NHL Stars--