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Synonyms for granadilla

tropical American passionflower yielding the large granadilla fruit

Brazilian passionflower cultivated for its deep purple fruit

the egg-shaped edible fruit of tropical American vines related to passionflowers

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However, after the boxwood was replaced with grenadilla (a heavy hardwood) and heavy keywork was added, the 20th century clarinet weighed about 830 g.
Without any doubt, one of the most important woods for wood instruments is grenadilla or African blackwood.
Taranko said that grenadilla, or African blackwood, came into use as substitute for another well-known dark wood.
Pussyis made from white grape, lime juice with grenadilla (passion fruit) and lychee flavouring.
Youngsters at Cardiff's Grangetown Infants School had the chance to sample exotic varieties ranging from Sharon fruit to grenadillas.