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Synonyms for grenadier

an infantryman equipped with grenades

deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail

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This is the first time I ever saw thirty infantrymen on one horse," cried the grenadier who had shot the mare.
He succeeded in awaking the colossal grenadier, and two other men whose rank it was impossible to tell.
That is yours, my brave grenadier," cried the major, offering him a string of diamonds, "if you will follow me and fight like a madman.
Yes, if you don't leave your skin up there-- If I fall, Hippolyte, and you, grenadier, promise me to do your utmost to save the countess.
that's one dead," said the grenadier, stripping the first man he came to.
The major, holding his sabre in his well hand, with his pistols in his belt, gathered up the reins with the other hand and mounted one horse while the grenadier mounted the other.
And the grenadier of the guard urged the horses over men and bivouacs with bloody wheels and a double line of corpses on either side of them.
that or the cold, that or the cannon," said the grenadier, prodding the horses, and urging them on.
As for the major and the grenadier, they found their safety in their strength.
Then the major and the grenadier, the general and his wife, remained almost alone on the river bank, a few steps from the spot where the bridge had been.
I'll sweep you into the water if you don't take the major and his two companions," cried the stalwart grenadier, who swung his sabre, stopped the departure, and forced the men to stand closer in spite of furious outcries.
Though they were uttering awful groans and imprecations, they dared not resist the grenadier, for in truth they were so closely packed together, that a push to one man might send half of them overboard.
His medals were placed on his cof-cof fin during the service as the band of the Grenadier Guards performed The Last Post and The Grenadiers' Return.
In June 2012 he led them into a fierce Helmand antisniper firefight with 1st Battalion Grenadiers.
But in order to keep their marching band going, the Birtley Grenadiers Jazz Band are in desperate need of funds.