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an island state in the West Indies in the southeastern Caribbean Sea

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But, like many Grenadians, she is highly critical of what she portrays as the fatal authoritarianism of the New Jewel regime.
As a result, many Grenadians became attracted to the American model of social development.
As he has proven, it is a mistake to underestimate their modesty and unprepossessing demeanour - it is not known as the spice island for nothing - for the Grenadians are also among the most industrious, disciplined, intelligent and determined of people.
Despite initial high unemployment in the tourist and other sectors, urban Grenadians benefited post-hurricane from job opportunities in the construction sector.
The Grenadians, alone, bewildered and outgunned, were overwhelmed.
Fortunately, although we were practically within walking distance of the airport, I don't recall hearing a plane in the whole week of our stay at The Grenadian.
I couldn't wait to get back into my wetsuit again and was pleased to see the local diving school - Devotion to Ocean - was right next door to my hotel, the Rex Resorts' Grenadian.
Richard is married to a Grenadian and has a 14-year-old son, Frank, named after Frank Worthington.
Once the tropical storm had barreled off towards Jamaica, the Caymans, and Mexico's Caribbean coast, Grenadians emerged from their shelters to find the all-too-familiar scenario of flooded streets, decimated crops, and damaged buildings not yet fully repaired from the previous onslaught.
Throughout it all, the remarkably stoic Grenadians have kept them most prized asset - a splendid sense of humour, which is perfectly summed up in a little local prayer for tourists that goes:
He said last night: 'Private Beharry's bravery and sense of duty have made all Grenadians very proud.
The Grenadians will also have to be very resilient people.
We were very lucky - there are still hundreds of people stuck there and most of the Grenadians have lost their homes.
Not only good for cakes, many Grenadians will testify that nutmeg oil is a cure for aching joints as well as digestive, liver, and skin problems.
Though the story must have come as news to most Grenadians, and must certainly encourage the growing number of Caribbean NGOs who are working to counter their countries' embarrassing positions at the IWC, there may be little immediate fallout from the revelation.