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(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

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I was running a pub in Westerhope and I met a few of the Gremlins when they came in.
The essential skills team at the college is on gremlin alert and will do their best to help residents get rid of theirs.
In September last year Bone was among more than 50 known Gremlins who travelled to York for a drink-fuelled day of violence to celebrate the gang's 25th birthday.
The Gremlins yesterday posted messages of defiance on a number of activist websites.
It is intelligence that links him with a number of risk supporters and the Newcastle Gremlins.
Moreover, in many situations, it's unclear precisely who is going to die and how - gremlins called gravelings frequently effect victims' violent demises - and writer Bryan Fuller and his staff (including executive producers Scott Winant of ``My So-Called Life'' and John Masius of ``Providence'' - quite the extreme in terms of sensibilities) concoct some pretty inventively grisly fatalities.
LINKED to the Gremlins football faction, covert police operations spotted Mark Suttle during several outbreaks of violence.
Despite its Capra-esque small-town setting, Gremlins is an atypical Christmas film.
We don't know whether it's the fault of gremlins, glitches or plain old bad wiring, but the superintendent of schools seems to think the failures and flaws of the school district he heads up are due to ``circumstances beyond our control.
Most people are familiar with the gremlins associated with distributed architecture systems -- they're full of failure points .
Dressed in his casual clobber, the 34-year-old yob built up a close network of drinking friends who call themselves the Gremlins and wreak havoc on match days.
Since its launch two years ago, almost 320,000 people have gained a reading, writing or maths qualification - and the gremlins who try to prevent them have become a familiar sight on our TV screens.
While the Champs were ultimately bested by their opponents, the Gremlins from Santa Barbara, sportsmanship was high throughout the game.
Reinhold has appeared in numerous feature films, including Stripes, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop, Ruthless People and Vice Versa.
Ian Kapke, 50, of Jarrow, has been hit with a five-year football banning order after a court heard details of his connections to the notorious hooligan gang, The Gremlins.