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the Italian pope from 1406 to 1415 who worked to end the Great Schism and who retired to make it possible (1327-1417)

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Gregory XII resigned so that a special council in Constance, which is in modern-day Germany, could excommunicate the Avignon-based pope and start again with a new, single leader of the Catholic Church.
This decision was especially shocking, since he is the first pope to resign from the papacy since Gregory XII in 1415 and the first to do so voluntarily since Celestine V in 1294.
Pope Gregory XII was pontiff between 1406 and 1415 and reigned at a time where the papacy was split with illegitimate pontiffs in Avignon and Pisa claiming to be the true heir to the Holy See.
Pope Benedict XVI (right) yesterday became the first Pope to resign since Gregory XII almost 600 years ago, illustrating that having Roman numerals after your name is never a good idea.
The last pope to resign was Gregory XII in 1415 as part of a deal to end the Great Western schism among competing papal claimants.
Pope Gregory XII quit in 1415 to end the Western Schism, which saw three claimants vying for the papacy.
They are: Pontian in 235; Silverius in 537; John XVIII in 1009; Benedict IX in 1045; Celestine V in 1294 and Gregory XII in 1415.
At the time of the Western Schism (1378-1417), the Council of Constance (1414-18) deposed both John XXIII as an anti-pope and Gregory XII, who as the supposedly legitimate pope was allowed to present it as an abdication.
Then, Pope Gregory XII stepped down to end what was known as the Great Western Schism between competing papal claimants.
100) The history of the Renaissance papacy is full of instances of popes scheming to have their relatives succeed them, which, in fact, many eventually did: Eugenius IV (1431-47) succeeded his uncle Gregory XII (1406-15) and Eugenius' nephew Paul II (1464-71) followed him.
Pope Gregory XII also died on this day in 1417 as did Pope Pius III, who died in 1503.
The last pope to resign, Gregory XII, did so nearly 600 years ago as part of complex negotiations to end a 40-year schism between popes at Rome and antipopes at Avignon.