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the Italian pope who fought to establish the supremacy of the pope over the Roman Catholic Church and the supremacy of the church over the state (1020-1085)

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Hugh was appointed by Pope Gregory VII in 1073 to administer the decrees concerning reform within the Church.
AaPope Gregory VII had excommunicated him after a conflict over the right to invest bishops throughout the German Reich.
In 1077, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV made penance and humble submission to Pope Gregory VII in the Italian village of Canossa an act that became the symbol of contrition and humiliation.
Susana Zapke assembled a formidable team of scholars from a variety of disciplines to address a topic of extraordinary complexity: the transition from the Old Hispanic Rite (also known as "Visigothic" or "Mozarabic"), to the Franco-Roman Rite that began in the Spanish kingdoms during the late eleventh century under Pope Gregory VII (1073-1083), who sought to unify the form and order of the Roman Catholic liturgy throughout Christendom.
8 In a famous 11th-century incident, Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV had to stand outside in the snow for three days before being granted absolution by Pope Gregory VII - at which Italian castle?
The book begins with a historical tour from ancient China and Rome through the pro-market reforms of Pope Gregory VII in the 11th century to the "intensive" economic growth launched by the ideas of Adam Smith and the policies of the British government in the 19th century.
This is followed by Robinson's second chapter, a disproportionately lengthy and rather exhaustive discussion of the policies of the reforming popes from Gregory VII through Innocent III, under the rubric "The Institutions of the Church.
On This Day: 1074: Pope Gregory VII ex-communicated all married priests.
The article refers to the struggle between King Henry IV "of England" and Pope Gregory VII.
Mineo's evaluation of Dante's dream for earthly harmony encompasses the creation of mankind (created to replace the fallen angels), the Augustinian concept of the Roman Empire as remedium peccati, the dictatus papae of Gregory VII, and the court of Frederick II.
26 (1694, 143-44), which contains a number of references designed to substantiate the point that the kings of Germany never acquiesced in the usurpation of imperial rights that Conring believed the papacy to have been guilty of practicing since the times of Pope Gregory VII.
The rise of the West was mediated by the Catholic Church, from the time of Pope Gregory I (the Great) in the sixth century to the time of Pope Gregory VII in eleventh century, through its promotion of individualism, first in family affairs and later in economic relationships.
11); this can only have been in 1076 when he was about to meet Pope Gregory VII at Canossa, and it warrants a narrower range of dates for the charter than is suggested.
Part II explores the order that emerged out of chaos among the differing European tribes, culminating in the rhetorical question posed as the title for the chapter on Gregory VII, "Who's in charge here?
Pope Innocent III is described as a charming man with dynamic vision, who also "had a loftier conception of the powers of his office than any pope since Gregory VII.