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(Roman Catholic Church) a church father known for his constant fight against perceived heresies

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Gregory Nazianzen, To himself concerning bishops, 1, 125 (PG 37-1175A).
For a full portrait of Erasmus, the reader must remember the humanist's biblical scholarship (Latin and Greek New Testament, Annotations, Paraphrases) and dozen patristic editions (Jerome, Augustine, Cyprian, Arnobius, Hilary, Chrysostom, Athanasius, Irenaeus, Ambrose, Gregory Nazianzen, Basil, Origen).
Citing such examples as Gregory the Elder and Gregory Nazianzen, John Chrysostom, Pinianus, and Augustine, Cloke argues that devout matrons sometimes exerted substantial influence on their husbands and sons as well as their daughters.
Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors of the church.
Weatherby points out that 176 scholars who died between 1535 and 1599 owned 277 copies of editions of Greek fathers - Gregory Nazianzen, Basil, Cyril of Alexandra, Dionysius the Areopagite, John of Damastus, and others - compared to 129 of Augustine and 87 of Luther, not in itself conclusive proof that Spenser's theology has to be read in patristic terms, but certainly evidence of a seriously neglected area of study.
Of special value is its interpretation and retrieval of Gregory Nazianzen and the New Testament data to build a robust Pneumatology.
Susanna Elm offers a more positive picture of incarnation in her analysis of baptismal sermons by Gregory Nazianzen.
The stories, insights and reflections of various saints such as Gregory Nazianzen, John Cassian, Gregory the Great, Francis de Sales and others, are presented directly beside the relevant passages in Scripture.
However, the parallel itself already appears in the writings of the fourth-century Cappadocians Gregory Nazianzen and Gregory of Nyssa.
To address his concerns he presents literary studies of five figures: Athanasius, Gregory Nazianzen, Augustine, Cassian, and Pope Gregory I.
Rufinus's translations of Gregory Nazianzen are credited to Marius Victorinus (39) and the description (58) of De doctrina christiana 2.