Gregorian telescope

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a reflecting telescope that has a paraboloidal primary mirror and a hyperboloidal secondary mirror

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Although the Gregorian telescope was first developed in the 17th century, a Compact Gregorian Telescope was not possible until recently, when techniques for producing diamond-turned mirrors were readily available.
The Compact Gregorian Telescope dramatically decreases the footprint for a Gregorian telescope but, more importantly, it eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming alignments between two curved surfaces," comments Vladimir Draganov, fSONA's Sr.
The addition of the diamond-turned mirrors from the Compact Gregorian Telescope design adds a further layer of reliability to an already outstanding system.
Applications for the Compact Gregorian Telescope in addition to free space communications include astronomy, night vision, laser radar, remote sensing, military, space (telescopes), and microscopy.
Perhaps the only form that seems to have been overlooked is the use of field correctors at the intermediate focus of a modified Gregorian telescope.