Gregorian chant

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a liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church

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After the Gregorian chant "In paradisum deducant te angeli" (May the angels lead you to paradise), guests will silently leave the cathedral.
The very nature of Gregorian chant makes it the perfect means of inner reflection on the outer ritual and that no doubt is why a general initial reaction to it as a musical form stresses what it does not have rather than what it has.
In the '90s, there was a burst of renewed interest by mainstream audiences in Gregorian chants after the group Enigma incorporated Gregorian chant in the song "Sadeness Part I," which topped charts across the world, including the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play (surprise, surprise).
Augustine's Seminary in Scarborough, Ontario, in 1916 and, after ordination in 1922, studied Gregorian chant in New York with Dom Mocquereau at the Plus X School and later in France at Solesmes Abbey.
Led by prelates holding a crucifix and candles, the cardinals chanted the Litany of Saints, the Gregorian chant imploring the intercession of the saints, as they filed into the chapel and took their oath of secrecy.
According to University of Manchester Professor Barry Cooper, the composer wrote a harmony for the Gregorian chant Pange Lingua and modified its tune.
These findings are significant because early sources of Gregorian chant survived in France and Switzerland, but scholars thought that no early Italian sources were in existence.
Named after Pope Gregory I, Gregorian chant consists solely of unaccompanied melody, and its long, mellifluous lines have brought peace to listeners throughout the ages.
Having investigated the connections between Byzantine church music and Gregorian chant, primarily through the examination of the relationship of Latin to Byzantine neumatic notation, Floros (emeritus, musicology, U.
One of the obligatory parts of my course was Gregorian chant with David Eben.
Relaxation Being with my six great kids Holiday destination Sydney, Australia - best city in the world Restaurants The Hungry Monk, Greystones, County Wicklow - Gregorian Chant in the toilets.
Bozza could have chosen any of the over 600 pieces of Gregorian chant for use in En Foret.
The music is sensational, it's everything from opera to New Orleans jazz to barber shop to Gregorian chant, and there's just everything in it--and if you're not keen on one bit, you only have to wait five or 10 minutes for another tale to pop up.
A Gregorian Chant Master Class" combines a distinctive text with a CD that fulfills a precious life goal of Dr.
Presenting Gregorian chant as a lectio divina by means of high art (495) is particularly inventive.