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(Roman Catholic Church) a church father known for his constant fight against perceived heresies

Italian pope from 1831 to 1846

the pope who sponsored the introduction of the modern calendar (1572-1585)

the Italian pope from 1406 to 1415 who worked to end the Great Schism and who retired to make it possible (1327-1417)

the Italian pope who fought to establish the supremacy of the pope over the Roman Catholic Church and the supremacy of the church over the state (1020-1085)

(Roman Catholic Church) an Italian pope distinguished for his spiritual and temporal leadership

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We see the protagonist Gregor Samsa waking up one morning to find himself changed into a monstrous vermin.
A modest, brilliant man dedicated to advancing science (who did terribly on academic tests), Gregor Mendel is the obvious and sympathetic hero of the tale.
Gregor, deputising for the Scotland-tied Dan Parks, scored 21 of Glasgow's points - including a crucial converted try and two penalties just after the break - to allow them to hang on for a 26-20 win over the Celtic League leaders at Thomond Park.
Expect to purchase the sequels, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane and Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods.
Gregor Schneider, an amiable artist in his early thirties, answers and lets us in, serves us coffee in his rather messy office/breakfast room, and shows us a few works on video.
Gregor masterfully meets these challenges by consistently translating Recht as "Right" where she understands it to stand for a law or system of laws and principles.
Born on a predictably stormy night in a dark corner of eastern Europe, Gregor will make his way to America, and there his gifts will be put to the test in a variety of ways.
Summary: Polar bear twins Gregor and Aleut have enjoyed the first rays of spring sunshine on their first public outing at the Nuremberg zoo.
The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Gregor Allan and Jonathan
The main character, Gregor Samsa, wakes up one morning from uneasy dreams and finds himself transformed into a gigantic insect, growing overnight.
Mr Gregor said: "It has been a very productive year, the value of livestock has increased, aided by the open and transparent competition of the live market.
Thereafter Gregor quickly wraps up his discussion of Fascism and National Socialism, and concentrates on what he describes as the degeneration of Marxism, especially after 1945.
Translated into English by Gregor Benton, of Cardiff University, it is an intimate narrative that remembers the political tumult of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.
COVENTRY City's Academy manager Gregor Rioch is taking part in the Great North Run later this month in aid of 'one of his own.
Glyn Morris, 41, had travelled from Scotland to London with wife Jennifer and children Gregor, 12, and Emily, nine, to see the musical Wicked.