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a card sent to express personal greetings

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According to InfoTrends*, more than 21% of printed photo merchandise products (photo books, greeting cards, calendars, and specialty prints) ordered online in 2011 were fulfilled in a retail store.
Hot Buttons are greeting cards featuring a large round push button on the front that delivers one of five funny audio clips each time it is pressed.
American Greetings also has one of the largest collections of greetings on the Web, including greeting cards available at Cardstore.
While people have not stopped buying greeting cards, they are looking at different places to buy them now.
She has already raised more than $3,000 with her greeting cards, enough to conduct one surgery, which she will be doing on a 5-year-old lynx at her Glendale office Oct.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Popcards, the newest innovation in greeting cards since the digital photo, is a free app now available in Apple and Android app stores.
Well, paper greeting cards are alive and kicking, thank you very much.
It is to cater to such customers that some shops are still keeping greeting cards in some of their corner shelves.
An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the greeting cards industry.
And despite the advent of electronic animated greeting cards and desktop-published paper cards, traditional greeting cards are here to stay, say industry experts.
Sandra Louden offers tips on getting started in the business, describes the different types of greeting cards (i.
Greeting Card Factory includes 5,000 exclusive greeting cards, 25,000 graphics and over 3,400 sentiments, while Greeting Card Factory Deluxe features over 7,500 exclusive greeting cards, 50,000 graphics and 4,700 sentiments.
REMEMBER "COUSIN MATTIE'S Daddy's Sister's People," the line of black greeting cards with life-size soft sculpture dolls depicting scenes from everyday African American family life?
para]]NEW YORK, June 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Greeting Cards in Million Units and US$ Million by the following Occasions: Seasonal Cards (Christmas/New Year, Valentine's Day, & Other Seasonal Cards), and Everyday Cards (Birthday, Anniversary, & Other Everyday Cards).
Since greeting cards are in envelopes, you don't know what the impact might be on consumers.