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meridian at zero degree longitude from which east and west are reckoned (usually the Greenwich longitude in England)

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The name follows the capital's geographical location a" 24 degrees north of the equator and 54 degrees east of Greenwich Meridian, a report said.
Greenwich, the London borough where Charlton are based, is best known for its maritime history and gives its name to Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time
He sets off at London's Greenwich Meridian Timeline on April 13 and will navigate through Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Americas.
Jason, 40, was cheered by hundreds of people as he crossed the Greenwich Meridian on the Thames in his pedal driven boat Moshka.
The intrepid explorer waved ecstatically to the crowds who had gathered to see him cross the Greenwich Meridian finish line at 12.
Fittingly in this location, on the Greenwich Meridian at 51.
Jason Lewis, 38, from Bridport, Dorset, has so far cycled more than 2,100 miles on the Far East leg of his Expedition 360 - which has clocked up over 37,000 miles since it began at the Greenwich Meridian in London 12 years ago.
Between the International Date Line and the Greenwich Meridian, the term 'hurricane' (from the Arawak word urakan--'center of the wind') is used.
He also speculates that the fact that the railroads, not the government, brought in Standard Time, permitted the adoption of the Greenwich meridian as the basis for calculating American time, a principle confirmed by the international meridian conference held in the U.
The company name reflects both its geographical location -- just a few meters from the Greenwich Meridian Line -- and its intended pharmaceutical and medical positioning.
The Greenwich Meridian 2000 range, a brand created from scratch over a two year period, is aiming to prove popular long after the millennium party hangovers are over.
William Muir seems to have found a winning opportunity for Tailwind in the Greenwich Meridian Selling Stakes (2.
Greenwich Meridian 2000, Bordeaux 1996 Sauvignon Blanc, pounds 4.
Which explorer led the Transglobe expedition tracing the Greenwich Meridian across both poles (1979-1982)?
But as he straddled the Greenwich Meridian yesterday, Taylor had the air of a man with the world at his feet and he said: "When I lost here last year, people said I was washed-up and finished - but I went on to win four of the seven majors.
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