Greenwich Village

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a mainly residential district of Manhattan

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At the same time, V-Burger will enjoy a prime location in the heart of Greenwich Village, just blocks from Union Square.
Schines's novel follows 11-year-old Fin and his half sister, 24-year-old Lady, as they transition from Connecticut (following the death of Fin's parents) to Greenwich Village.
At the time Greenwich Village attracted a host of artists, writers and great thinkers and drinkers: Gore Vidal, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Jackson Pollock, William Burroughs.
It's screaming for a hotel that will fit in with Greenwich Village and [New York University]," Born said.
5 Bedford St crossing with Commerce Street in Manhattan's Greenwich Village .
WATCH OUT FOR: Ballyhurry, Bathwick Alice, Blazing Heights, Catherines Cafe, Catweasel, Compton Court, Conservation, Falmassim, Follow On, Greenwich Meantime, Greenwich Village, Grey Boy, Iberian Light, Just Bond, Majestic Roi, Mirjan, Murfreesboro, Presumptive, Skye But N Ben, Speedy Sam, Sweet Candy, Velvet Valley.
3) Williams, left, and Anton Yelchin ride through the New York City streets of a bygone era in Duchovny's tribute to his growing-up years in Greenwich Village.
This can mean a messy situation for tong term care facilities faced with partner's rights issues, said Arthur Webb, president and chief executive officer of Village Care of New York, the parent company for The Village Nursing Home in Greenwich Village, N.
All-Night Party: The Women of Bohemian Greenwich Village and Harlem, 1913-1930 by Andrea Barnet Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill March 2004 $16.
Part-time writing teacher Larry Portzline has hit on an idea that is benefiting the book community in Greenwich Village, New York.
But the bomb detonated prematurely at the Greenwich Village apartment being used as a Weather Underground safe house, killing three members of the terrorist cell.
At a Kmart in New York's Greenwich Village, a display inside the main entrance includes a camouflaged soldier with an American flag arm patch standing alert in a teal, pink and yellow basket beneath a green-and-purple bow.
Republic of Dreams reads, after a hundred pages or so, as a rather crowingly long list of the life stories of artistic celebrities linked not by common inspiration or theme or even time period but by the simple fact that they had lived substantial periods of their adult lives in the same physical space, Greenwich Village.
Gossipy it is; no other Dylan bio will tell you how he stole fellow Greenwich Village folkie Liam Clancy's lass while Clancy was playing at being a wandering troubadour in the early '60s.
Upon his return to New York in 1993, he opened the rustic Italian restaurant Po in Greenwich Village.
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