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the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England

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Even though that's $70 million under Copper Beech Farm's initial listing price, real estate agent David Ogilvy tells the Greenwich Time he believes the sum is the most ever paid for a residential property in the United States.
Formal letters have been sent to the five councils responsible for Greenwich Time, Hackney Today, the Newham Mag, Waltham Forest News and (Tower Hamlets) East End Life.
The United States and the European Union have vowed to help Ukraine reduce its dependence on Russia for energy supplies, Greenwich Time reported.
Officials at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center tell the Greenwich Time (http://bit.
A recent Greenwich Time report said there were at least two dozen abandoned mansions in Greenwich.
In her new role, Roessner will oversee all editorial content and initiatives at the Connecticut Post in Bridgeport, The News-Times in Danbury, The Advocate in Stamford, Greenwich Time, and seven weekly newspapers.
The studio had been reserved for an hour on Greenwich Time, but the director was unaware that there is a one-hour difference between London and GMT between the summer and winter.
David Rooney is the author of Ruth Belville: The Greenwich Time Lady (National Maritime Museum, 2008).
The Greenwich Time signal is broadcast on DAB about two seconds later than the FM signal.
ANSWERS: 1 Vietnam' 2 The note B' 3 Ken' 4 Eleven' 5 David Copperfield' 6 The US Masters golf tournament' 7 The Greenwich time signal' 8 A variety of cheese' 9 Forever Love' 10 Crete.
The watches are programmed to receive the Greenwich time signal from the Atomic Clock via a radio transmitter in Rugby at pre-defined times - making them correct to within one second every three million years.
Atomic watches and clocks are automatically programmed to receive the Greenwich time signal from a transmitter in Rugby, Warwickshire, at pre-defined times.
Clearly you are free to play the devil with Greenwich time in a world where a man can turn into a woman--but to rub it in by mentioning thirty years--just that number--as his/her age at the critical point sets the reader a counting: Why, he must have been born about the time of the Civil War--and a page to Queen Elizabeth?
Timed to occur at noon Greenwich time, the grass-roots meditation effort attempts to unite people in a simultaneous meditation for world peace.
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