Greenwich Mean Time

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the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England

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Should the leap second be consigned to history, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) would lose its status as the zone in which local time is the same as the universal time by which clocks are set.
In the autumn, we do the reverse, and adhere to Greenwich Mean Time.
However, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is calling for Britain to abolish its practice of following Greenwich Mean Time in winter and adding one hour in summer
On This Day: 1841: Greenwich Mean Time was adopted by Scotland.
The UK-based software developer Greenwich Mean Time Software Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with Singapore's Partnership Online.
Mean Time gets its name by virtue of its link to a global tracking satellite that, when the work is functioning properly, enables it to register Greenwich Mean Time to the second.
The UK software developer Greenwich Mean Time has begun shipments of DataCop v4.
Census Bureau's International Data Base actually calculated that the milestone occurred July 19, at 12:24 Greenwich Mean Time.
The Australian subsidiary of UK-based Year 2000 specialist, Greenwich Mean Time Ltd has secured a Y2K-compliance deal with the Chinese government.
The success of this British invention in enabling accurate timekeeping at sea is a reason the English were able to enforce establishment of zero longitude as passing through the old Royal Observatory on the Thames River town of Greenwich, and to deem Greenwich Mean Time the world's basis for time accounting.
Weber Company and womens sportswear designer Greenwich Mean Time, both of which had maintained Manhattan offices for many years.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) with the investment community to discuss Elan's fourth quarter and full-year 2012 financial results, which will be released before the European and U.
Decorative Lighting all tree lights to the Harrogate Stray areas during Greenwich Mean Time (ie not British Summer Time).
They will be turning back time on 35 of the collection's 500-plus clocks as the nation moves from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday.
Sergeant discovers that the borough's famous observatory, and by extension Greenwich Mean Time, owes its existence to one of Charles II's mistresses.
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